Recently, dozens of Pennsylvania dairy farmers received word from Dean Foods that their milk will no longer be purchased by the local processor.

The problem is a worldwide oversupply of milk and the causes of this oversupply are fairly complex.

The letters of termination to our dairy farmers is only the beginning of the crisis. The industries who depend upon dairy are numerous and the cascade effect in agriculture of this dairy crisis should not be underestimated.

Recently, I joined with other members of the PA House Financial Rescue Caucus for two informational briefings to examine the immediate problems and possible immediate solutions associated with Pennsylvania’s ongoing dairy crisis.

We were fortunate to receive expert testimony about the dairy industry crisis and I promised to share that information with our region’s agriculture community through the video links below:

Dairy Crisis Informational Briefing (4-30-2018)

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Binkley Hurst Testimony

Center for Dairy Excellence Testimony

Dairy Crisis Informational Briefing (3-15-2018)

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A recurring theme from everyone who presented was that this problem of oversupply was not going to go away. Extensive increases in production in Arizona, Texas, New Zealand and Europe have all contributed to the oversupply. The constancy of the oversupply and concurrent demand reduction are important to accept so that a dairy farmer’s responses can be well informed and timely.

House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee Discusses PA Dairy Industry (2-26-2018)

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Rep. Martin Causer, chairman of the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, leads a discussion of the challenges facing the dairy industry in Pennsylvania.